Christian Henry

Yemima Aprilia



Jakarta, Indonesia

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Wedding Day of Evelyn Lydia & Andy

"When they begin their relationship, exploring one each other, know each other family. I'm sure they were in love and inseparable. Their loyalty must be to the death".

"Through sacrament in the Catholic church that blesses us, We hopes this relationship is based on the work of the Lord: once in a lifetime"

"When everything is no where, but only inside my man. He complete my world, fullfill my dream and my future, my smile and happiness, my travel companion in life through rain and shine, to pass many bad times and rise."

We are truly happy to see our new friend, really love each other. We are happy to see how God's Grace blessed their life, their families and their relationship. We look forward to see many beautiful stories from their new ventures.

Wedding Day of Evelyn Lydia & Andy

Bridal by Catherine Bridal

Venue by The Sense Mangga Dua

Wedding Organizer by One Pro Entertainment / Irwan (@one_pro_entertainment)